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Taco Tuesday!

Ok I didn’t mean to ghost on you. I promise. I’ve been busy with my company, Driftwood

Pantry, doing kitchen takeovers and special events in the NYC area (yasss Brooklyn), Boston and

surrounding areas. But I’m here beginning for your forgiveness with my most treasured item:

my tortilla recipe.

But first let me saunter back to my pedestal and issue a challenge to everyone (and make a

potentially hypocritical statement) …if you’re taking a tortilla out of a bag (restaurant or at

home), don’t just slap it on a plate and put things on it. Take some pride in that damn taco, it’s

delicious. Get a small amount of oil and pop it on a frying pan, grill, griddle, whatever you have

and take good care of it. It is always the little things that turn a good meal into a great one, and

sometimes it is as simple as one tiny step.

Also flour tortillas should only be used if corn kills you, you are stranded on a deserted island or

you take some action with that last resort of a tortilla. That may be a slight exaggeration and

most likely slightly hypocritical, particularly with a little tweak in my recipe coming up, but there

is absolutely nothing worse than a flour tortilla that has had no love shown to it. Show it some

attention, please.

Ok you hate me for not writing for a few months and just want the recipe, I get it. Here you go,

now please love me again.

Best Damn Tortilla


  • 1 cup masa harina

  • ½ cup cake flour

  • ½ teaspoon salt

  • 2 tablespoon of a fat (vegetable oil, lard, butter, etc

  • 1 cup hot water

  • ***Extra masa harina for kneading***

How to Do the Damn Thing

1. Add flour and salt to mixing bowl and…mix

2. Add the fat of choice (vegetable oil, lard, butter, etc)

3. Mix again

4. Add water and gently work until the water is absorbed

5. Continue to gently work until the mixture forms a dough

6. Separate the dough into golf ball sized pieces

7. Flatten dough using a tortilla press or a flat-bottomed pan (sprinkle some flour on top/bottom and work with parchment paper to ensure no sticking…that is annoying and avoidable)

8. Heat pan to a medium heat and add each tortilla, cooking for 10-15 seconds on each side

9. Finish cooking each tortilla for another 30-45 seconds on each side when

you are ready for tacos (remember…the extra steps make the biggest difference)

10. EAT

Ok there ya go! Enjoy, take pictures, let me know I’m doing something wrong, or

tell me what you want us to cover!

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