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Student Blogger Spotlight: Meg Schwieterman's Sunny State of Mind

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

And we're back with our second installment of the Student Blogger Spotlight series as we highlight another amazing USC student, Meg Schwieterman! Meg is in her first year at South Carolina and is already making a name for herself here in Columbia.

"My mission through my blog is to inspire women to live their sunniest lives through fashion and healthy living.

However, to me, fashion is not just clothing. I try to share fashion apart from materialism and rather as a tool for self-expression: it can be used in service of becoming your true identity. The outfits I post show who I am and allow me to wear my passions like the clothes on my back. I hope I can inspire my readers to wear what they are and allow their clothing to be a visual representation of how they feel: whether that be strong, ambitious, creative, feminine, or anything in between.

My blog is also a place where I can start a conversation about self-care and taking action to feel your best mentally and physically. I've learned to use food as fuel to sustain a happy life, and I believe that how you eat is a vital part of self-love (which we could all use more of).  I believe in sharing ways to stay healthy so that busy girlbosses can do more of what they're passionate about!

Since I moved to Columbia about a month ago, you could definitely say I’ve been in a sunny state of mind. How could I not be, it’s such a happy city! I’ve loved getting to explore different local restaurants like Gourmet Shop, walking around Soda City on Saturday mornings, and going on runs around the State House grounds. I’m super excited to get to know more about Columbia."

With such an inspiring and empowering message behind her platform, we're excited to see how Meg will bring even more light to our Columbia community! You can find Meg on her website or on Instagram @asunnystateofmind.

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