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Student Blogger Spotlight: Darcy and AllTheGoodThings

We are excited to introduce Cola Crescent’s first series, the Student Blogger Spotlight! Columbia is home to countless talented students that are accomplishing amazing things both on and off campus. They are lucky enough to call Columbia home for their college years and have their own unique reasons for loving the city we call home.

We’re kicking things off with University of South Carolina senior, Darcy Compton and her blog, All The Good Things. Darcy is all about savoring those happy moments in everyday life, all while trying to save a few bucks here and there on her college budget. She is an extremely motivated student and the hard work she puts into her classes comes across just as clearly in the content she’s recently been adding to her growing site.

Darcy explains, “I started this blog to share my story. I'm a small town girl now living and studying in the city of dreams, Columbia, SC. During my time as a college student I have learned to blend my expensive tastes for food, design and style, with the thrifty ways that college living requires. After a few years, I decided to blog about my lifestyle in order to share with others that it is possible to live in a stylish space and have a fun, healthy lifestyle without straining your wallet! This blog is truly meant to be a mèlange of ideas ranging from trendy design, to fun southern style, to yummy healthy food. My blog All The Good Things is designed to fit into the lifestyle of a young professional in Columbia and focuses on finding all the good things life has to offer, while fitting into a small budget! Still, my audience is not limited to students, anyone is welcome to read about my adventures and hopefully learn a few DIY tips and tricks along the way! If we can stop to admire all of the good things in life, then it becomes a whole lot better!”

Her instagram @dmc_allthegoodthings_ beautifully showcases what her blog has to offer, as well as the many posts that she has planned for the future. So, if you’re into cute DIY projects, affordable fashion finds and tasty eats in the City of Dreams, then make sure you head over to All The Good Things!

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