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Renaissance woman Jennifer Kryzanowski takes shot at 50k record

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

by Angela Sellers

She's a licensed professional counselor by day, a Ph.D. forensic psychology student by night and an athlete every minute in between.

Jennifer Kryzanowski, 31, also known as Baby Cheetah, has traveled the world as a Team USA Triathalon member, spending countless hours in training both mentally and physically.

She is five days out from her biggest challenge yet, breaking the South Carolina 50k state record.

Leading up to this race, she has competed in multiple races. She won the turkey trot, competed in the Kiawah Island Half-Marathon where she finished with a 6:52 pace and 1:29:46 course time. On December 1, her running coach, Justin Bishop, advised her to run one last long run before her race, and she completed 25 miles in 3.5 hours!

The road to Lancaster for the 50k seems short, but Jennifer's life is dedicated to training and all the self-care needed to compete. With sponsors like Hammer Nutrition, Orange Theory Fitness, Fuse Massage and Fit Columbia she has a sponsorship team that is taking care of her and supporting her dreams. Leading up to this race she will see her chiropractor at Lexington Spinal Care, massage therapist Andrew Touzel, and a stretch therapist for body self care. She will lean on her boyfriend, Jim and dogs Boone, Bronco and Princess for emotionalsupport..

We love learning more about what athletes go through in the weeks leading up to their competitions. This week she will have a full team of support.

Tuesday: stretch therapy

Wednesday: massage therapy

Thursday: start hydrating and chiropractor

Friday: stretch therapy, rest, pack gear, and carb loading

Day of Race: arrive an hour early to warm up with a 2 mile run (every distance except marathon and beyond)

Along with all the self-care comes continued training. She'll follow Bishop's advice all the way to the starting line. The cold and rain don't stop her, and neither do the occasional falls. She's ready.

Jennifer took time out from her training to chat with Angela Sellers of Fit Columbia about the upcoming challenge.

AS: You’re training to break the state 50k record- what would it mean to you to beat this?

JK: The whole world. As a distance runner and triathlete, if there is a state record I can have, it would be the 50k.

AS: Are you a city or country girl? JK: I was born in Toronto, Canada, raised in Texas, and grew up in South Carolina.

I’m definitely a country girl. I don’t often listen to music when I run but when I do it’s country music.

I love Carrie Underwood’s song “The Champion."

AS: What was the best pre-performance advice you’ve ever been given? JK: Never do anything new on race day. Trust your training and what works best for you. People always feel the need to tell you what is "best," but do what's best for you.

AS: Which professional female athletes are you influenced by?

JK: Desiree Linden (Olympic marathoner, USA); Shalane Flanagan (Olympic Marathoner; USA); Gwen Jorgensen (2016 gold medal olympic triathlon winner; first time Team USA has won the gold medal in triathlon)- She is now trying to qualify for the Olympics in the marathon.

Check back with us for updates on Jennifer's progress and the 50k results!

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